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August 8-9




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FOR TWO DAYS,  Big Think Conference will inspire educators to think differently.

We are committed to breaking the mold of ineffective practices and supporting educators to think and act in ways that help all stakeholders reach their full potential.

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August 8 | Mike Rayburn

Mike Rayburn is a two-time TED Talk Presenter, an innovative entrepreneur and Hall of Fame speaker who uses world-class guitar and comedy to teach change and innovation world-wide. He has headlined Carnegie Hall, headlined in Las Vegas, and performed more than 5,000 presentations in 20 countries on five continents. Rayburn is a regular on Sirius/XM and morning radio nationwide. He has performed as guitarist with The Beach Boys and John Oates. Rayburn’s keynote is called “The What IF? Keynote Experience.” You will learn three simple tools for harnessing your unrealized potential, creating and leading change, and becoming a virtuoso performer. You’ll hear amazing music including a solo guitar version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Oh, and you laugh a LOT! No one does what Mike Rayburn does.

Every major invention, accomplishment and victory in human history began with the simple, almost childlike curiosity of a “What If…?” question – “What if we could? I know we can’t, but what if we could?” International keynote artist, Mike Rayburn, will share three simple, powerful tools which took him from playing empty bars, to headlining Carnegie Hall (eight times!). They work for anyone. And everyone. Always.

August 9 | John O’Leary

We live in a world where “accidental living” – mindlessly moving through routines, wasting countless hours on social media, or complaining about what’s wrong in our jobs, families and society – has become the norm. But John O’Leary reminds us that just because we got out of bed this morning, does not mean that we are truly living. What would our day, impact and output look like if we lived a radically inspired life, every, single day?

Living radically inspired means you learn from past mistakes, rise above challenges and thrive no matter the circumstances. No one embodies this more than powerhouse inspirational speaker John O’Leary – who was nearly killed in a devastating fire at age nine. Today, John inspires 50,000+ people each year around the world.

In his #1 national bestselling book ON FIRE: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life, John has identified choices to transform your life and work.

John shares the critical truth that “inflection points” – moments in time that change everything that follows – occur daily. John will help you realize it’s your choice how inflection points affect you. Your life has much less to do with what happens to you, and much more to do with how you react to it. Are you ready to live on fire? Own your wins and your failures to truly celebrate your outcomes. Discover the power of taking ownership of your life and the impact it will have on your bottom-line. Your team will replace blame-shifting with courageous living.

August 9 | Brandi Lust

We all want to live a meaningful life. However, if we don’t plan our days based upon our own values, then our days will be spent living out the values of others. Through connecting with what matters, planning for pauses, and honing discernment we can take control over our days, and create meaningful lives.

Brandi Lust is a writer, speaker, and teacher who encourages authenticity in communities. She is also the founder of Learning Lab Consulting, through which she helps organizations and individuals manage stress, build resilience, and foster connection. Brandi has over a decade of experience as an educator and facilitator, and has worked with thousands of teachers and educational leaders. Her book, Myths of Being Human: Four Paths to Connect with What Matters, outlines an 8-week program for connecting with what’s most important to us. It incorporates mindfulness, gratitude, growth, and connection as tools toward a more authentic life.


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